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Sena Bluetooth

Sena, A brand built for motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1998, It started as an industrial technology company, providing enterprise-level Bluetooth intercom networking products to their clients across the globe. After succeeding in developing these products, the Sena team started to think about other ways that their advanced technology could be used.

The brand offers a passage of seamless communication among the riders which is built and designed by the company right from the ground up. Sena Bluetooth models like 10C Evo, Sena 50S, 50R Quantum, 50C Quantum, SMH10 etc. are available online in India.  It provides the riders with an experience of seamless integration of Bluetooth and Mesh technology.

The Mesh intercom features superior audio quality and many other products also facilitate capturing an entire adventure with its versatile range of smart action cameras.

Sena 50R Quantum Series

The 50R packs Sena’s advanced Mesh technology and premium sound by Harman Kardon into a low-profile, sleek yet rugged design. Multi-channel protocol in Open Mesh allows users to switch between 9 comm channels. Its Bluetooth 5 Enabled and 30% faster rapid charging.  Voice activated digital assistant access (“Hey Google”/ “Hey Siri”) makes it more convenient to use. The voice Commands recognized across 8 languages.

Sena 50C Quantum Series

Sena’s top-of-the-line 50 series is growing with a long-awaited camera-equipped communication device, the Sena 50C. The 50C is packed with features, including Sena’s premium Mesh and Bluetooth communication technology and 4K camera capability. The 50C’s all-new sound by Harman Kardon speakers and microphone bring refined audio clarity to your ride.