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RS Taichi Adventure Riding Gear 

Bringing together high-performance materials for all fields
DRYMASTER, Taichi’s original waterproof and breathable design, gives you the confidence to tackle mountain roads with extreme weather variation. It has the same level of rainproofing as standard rainwear while allowing moisture from inside the gear to escape. This, combined with the quick-drying T-DRY material, ensures range of motion and ease of removal of your gear even in the most humid conditions.
CE Level 2 protective gear is included on the jacket’s shoulders and elbows, as well as the pants’ knees. It provides excellent impact protection in the event of a fall without sacrificing any comfort. Multiple reflective sections on the jacket and pants help riders avoid danger during night time travel.
Closed ventilation sections are included on the jacket’s chest and back, as well as the front and back of the pants’ thigh. When combined with an inner jacket that can be worn on its own, this allows you to deal with any temperature. Get great results when touring routes with varying elevations and temperature ranges.
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