Why is life called a journey? Maybe it is , maybe not. But it is of key importance. And in my past experiences the JOURNEY has a key role to play in terms of reaching a destination. People often ask me why I go on road trips. Because there is no other way (My personal opinion) that you can experience life and what it has to offer. Have different experiences with so many types of people. Some good, some not so much, some a little bit of a grey area. But that is how it is. 

Road Trip Vehicles.
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A destination is always fun, unless you are one of those who has a shadow of bad luck following them. But it’s only on the journey that you truly get to know someone. And if things work out as DOM would say. 

Dom Fast and Furious
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I recently went to an event. It was a launch party for a riding group. I didn’t know that such a thing was even a thing. I mean, have been part of many groups and never formed my own but have been added to plenty and this was about it. Like the 1st pic. I have been riding with a group called LOST since I can remember. I was a kawla back then and riding with them was a learning experience.  So getting back, at the event we had an army officer being added to the group and he said something that I mostly live by. The destination is nothing without the journey and how true it is. You get to learn, learn and learn some more. The best part is some of the amazing people you meet. Like once on my return journey from Bhutan we were really stranded at Allahabad and One of our guides was not reachable. So we just posted on FB that if anyone can just help us find a stay and guide our way, angels and heroes turned up to save us and help us see another day. A group of Allahabad bikers turned up and guided us to a hotel. And the next day we even rode 100 kms with us guiding us through another route as the route we had selected has the Naxal Issue.

Why Road Trips
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Well in the above picture only 5 bikes are ours. And it didn’t matter if one rode a Pulsar 220 or GSX-R. Riding together was the key and man. Still gives me goosebumps. Strangers turning into Acquaintances and then into really close friends. We were just passers by and received royal treatment. This is just one of the experiences. 

On one of my trips to Udaipur, we were 2 couples on 2 bikes and as it was getting late, At one of the Dhabas the owner told us, ( Sir aapke saath maidam bhi hai, Andhera hone se pehele pohonch jayo or stop and take shelter as there are dacoits during the night and it’s not good) He had no need to warn us but he did and we reached in the nick of time. 

Triumph and Bajaj
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These are not the experience we would find at only the destination. From trying local cuisine to drink, different dressing sense to some of them astonished to see your bike. Each reaction , peoples expression is much more mesmerizing, and I simply can’t key it down no matter how hard I try. 

Some of us are solo riders but as it’s said the more the merrier. And I have been really fortunate to be a part of some amazing riding company. And I am still learning from them. I had actually bought a bike just for commuting and one thing lead to another and today it’s one of my life lines. 

Why Road Trips - LOST
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And if this isn’t convincing enough Imagine the awesome pictures you can keep for your memories. and yes the likes and comments you can get.

Sooooo Hit the road jack and keep rolling. 

I’ll be putting up a short video on how to start road trips . Hopefully they come handy. Stay Tuned 

Ride hard Ride safe.

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