Tips for Group Riding 

Some people love group riding, some not so much. I came in later but there are a few groups I love to ride with and have been with since almost the genesis of my riding life. As much fun as it can be, it is also very much more responsible than doing a solo ride. As it’s not just your life but yours fellow groupie’s as well. And one for all and all for one. So mentioned below are a few points to keep in mind when you ride in a group to have a much more enjoyable ride and obviously be safe!!! 

  1. Keep a Staggered formation as much as possible
Staggered Formation
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This way you are almost at a safe distance from the rider in front of you and mostly you are able to keep each other in the line of sight and not lose out on anyone. 

2. Rider 1 keeps informing others about things in front. 

5 Important Tips for Group Riding
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Learning some of the most basic hand signs are one of the key ways of communication to your family about the occurrences coming their way. This way keeping everyone safe. 

3. Keeping a Com Device. 

Sena 10s bluetooth
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Well its easier to be having a com device to communicate as remembering most hand signs can be tough especially like a dyslexic person like me. The Com devices are a gift from God. as they help communication like a casual conversation. This is one of the best ways to not only inform fellow riders but also keep track of all the rides in the group. 

4. Tag Team

Tag Team
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The 1st and last rider should be in constant contact as it’s up to these guys to stay in touch so that they can keep a track of the riders. It’s up to these guys to keep the group safe and intact. They are at the far ends of the group and everything else is taking place in between. 

5. Regroup at Intervals 

5 Important Tips for Group Riding
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It is very necessary to regroup as not all riders ride the same. Some are slow and some fast. So regrouping at regular intervals is a must. Normally pick up spots that all riders know. As a meet up and keeping count to make sure that all are there is an easy way to know if some is left behind or someone is missing and to see if something is wrong. 

So there you have it – 5 Important Tips for Group Riding, hope this helps you guys and please ride safe. If you have any points do let us know and we shall have a new list dedicated to you our fellow riders. 

Until then Ride Hard Ride Safe!!! 

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