The relationship between between you and your bike is a very complex and intimate one. It is similar to having a relationship with your loved ones. You need to find a connection, bond with them, nurture the relationship and take care of them at the time of need for a long lasting healthy relationship. Similarly in order to maintain your bike in the best condition, it is extremely important to know your bike, take her for regular servicing and check the engine for any serious problems or issues.

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The definition of a biker is not limited to just owning a bike. You are a true biker only if you take up the responsibilities of maintaining it and carrying out an effective bike care procedure. A lot of aspects are taken into consideration into bike care since it’s an important aspect of riding. We will be discussing some important tips and instructions for improving the shell life of the bike.

Improve your Knowledge on Motorcycles

Only if you learn about your motorcycle and other bikes in general, you will have a better understanding and will be able to analyse the problem and solve it.  Any bit of information would be useful. This task can be made easier if you join a motorcycle club where you can socialize and talk to other motorcycle enthusiasts and experienced riders.

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Changing Oil

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Just like any other vehicle, even motorcycle needs regular oil change. The requirements for oil change might vary for different bike models. An annual check-up of the motorcycle by the mechanic includes oil change and other essential things that will take care of your needs. Generally bike consumes more oil in the summer than in the winters, therefor oil filters also needs to be changed regularly with the oil. The frequency of oil change in a bike depends on two important aspects:

  1. How old your bike is
  2. What kind of oil you are using

Usually, newer bikes tend to be more efficient due to their new engines and latest synthetic oils tend to last longer despite its higher cost. It’s very important to be thorough with your bike manual and not jump into conclusions.

Brake Pads

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Brake Pads needs to thick and effective. Worn out brake pads can be very hazardous and can lead to accidents, thereby loss of life. They need to be replaced when they wear down to 2millimetres or less. The level of brake wear depends upon your style of riding and the environment around you. Brake Pads tend to wear out faster in areas where there are a lot of slopes and places where there frequent starts and stops like a traffic infested city.


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Maintaining your bike tyres is an important aspect of bike care. You should always be on look for any damage like tears, holes and cracks and also check for the tyre pressure and tread depth and make sure that they are within the recommended levels. It is always to give a good look at your tyres before heading for a long road trip. The tyres need to be inflated at the right pressure and always inflate them when the tyres are cold. Over inflating tyres reduces the distance between the bike and the road which reduces the grip required on the road. Under inflated tyres reduces the stability of the bike which in turn makes handling and braking even harder.

Air Filters

The air filter does an important job, protecting the more delicate internal parts of your engine from airborne dust and other particles that could damage it. Environmental factors make a big difference. If you’re riding in an extremely dusty environment, you may need to clean out your air filter on a weekly basis. Conversely, a rural area without a lot of smog might allow you to space out your filter cleanings significantly. Regardless of the environment around you, don’t forget to take care of your air filter on a regular basis.

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Your motorcycle’s engine relies on liquid coolant to manage temperature changes smoothly and prevent damage. The coolant needs to be replaced about every two years.Motorcycles use an equal mix of antifreeze and de-ionised water as engine coolant. Always use the radiator hoses to expel unwanted air after replacing your coolant. Refer to your bike manual in order to find what type of coolant to be used for your bike.

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Bike Chain

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Bike chain needs to stay well-oiled and taught in order to prevent rough gear shifting and excessive mechanical wear. Bike Chins do not require changes so frequently. Make sure to check the tension of the chain and while you’re checking chain tension, place a weight similar to a rider on the bike. It’s the pressure the chain experiences when the bike is fully loaded that you need to check.

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