Accessories for Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900 2021 copy

Kawasaki Z900, The most successful and good-looking motorcycle of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. The powerful naked bike in Sugomi design is the brand’s one of the top selling motorcycles.

With an advanced power-to-weight ratio, the Z900 motorcycle achieves the ultimate super naked performance. If you’re planning to purchase or already owning this super bike, It’s very important to protect your Z900 and enhancing the performance as well.

Here are some of the accessories you can look at

Starting with Performance we have

  1. Air Filters


BMC Air Filter FM988 04RACE For Kawasaki Z900 1

Keep your bike breathing and performing at its peak with the BMC Air Filter. This panel air filter are installed in the vehicle’s original airbox to replace the OEM air filter. The red rubber is flexible and ensures an airtight seal within the air box. Low viscosity oil-soaked multi-layered cotton gauze is used to filter out any debris. It’s covered with an epoxy coated alloy mesh to ensure protection from petrol fumes and oxidization due to air humidity.

BMC Air Filter for Kawasaki Z900 (FM988/04)

Current Price: Rs.7,999.

Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 (2017-)

2. Windscreens

Piug Racing Dark Smoke Windscreen For Kawasaki Z900 2020

A windscreen plays a major role in enhancing the bike’s on-road performance. From aerodynamics to protecting the rider from dust, rain or rubble, etc., these windshield visors will make your ride easier. Windscreens are available in different colors and designs.

a. Puig Racing Dark Smoke Windscreen For Kawasaki Z900 (2020)

Current Price: Rs.12,500
Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 2020

b. Ermax Sport Windscreen Dark Smoke For Kawasaki Z900

Current Price: Rs.10,000
Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 2017-19

3. Exhausts


SC Project CR T K34B T36CR Carbon Slip on Exhaust for Kawasaki Z900 2020 21

Exhaust system boosts the fuel efficiency to maximum. A well-designed exhaust can significantly improve the mileage as well as the performance of the bike. Slip on, Headers and full system exhausts are available for Kawasaki Z900 from best of brands like Arrow, Akrapovic and SC Project.

a. SC Project S1 K25A-T41T Slip On Titanium Exhaust

Current Price: Rs. 76,000
Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 (2017-19)

b. Akrapovic Optional Header Exhaust (E-K924)

Current Price: Rs. 84,000
Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 (2020-21)

Let’s move to the protection of your Z900

1. Frame Sliders

RG Aero Style Crash Protectors

Frame sliders, crash bobbins, crash protectors whatever you may like to call them, they’re all designed to protect expensive and vulnerable parts of the motorcycle. These are mounted on the motorcycle frame in front of your legs, and are most important to protect your fairings and engine cases. Brands like R&G and Puig are worth trusting in this regard.

a. R&G Frame Sliders for Kawasaki Z900

Current Price: Rs.10,000
Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 (2017-2020)

b. Puig R19 Frame Sliders

Current price: Rs.12,000
Bike Compatibility: Kawasaki Z900 (2017-)

2. Radiator Guards

Accessories for Kawasaki Z900

A radiator guard is a shield that fits to the front or the side of the motorcycle’s radiator. Fitting a radiator guard to your bike protects the radiator from road debris and small objects, while it still allows cooling air to pass through.

Product like R&G Radiator guards is one of the best to choose from. It’s made from pressed aluminum and feature a neat and seamless pattern.

a. R&G Radiator Guard (RAD0211BK)

Current Price: Rs.7000
Bike Compatibility: Z900 (2017-20)

3. Fork Protectors

Evotech Fork Protector

Fork protectors are easy to install onto either side of the spindle connected by a tie bar. They help to eliminate damage to the front forks, fork bottoms, disc, and brake calipers during a crash or drop during a crash or drop.

a. R&G Fork Protector (FP0194BK)

Current Price:  Rs.4500
Bike Compatibility: Z900 2017- models

b. SW-Motech Front Fork Sliders (08.176.10900/B)

Current Price: Rs.5800
Bike Compatibility: Z900 (2017-22) Models

 4. Cotton Reels 

R&G Cotton Reels

Cotton reels are mounted to the paddock stand mounting points on the rear swingarm. It offers crash protection to the bike components located near the rear as well as the ability to lift up the rear of the bike with a paddock stand for maintenance and changing of tyres.

a. R&G Cotton Reels (CR0057BK)

Current Price: Rs.3200
Bike Compatibility: Z900 (2017-22) Models

5. Engine Cover Set

GB Racing Engine cover

GB Racing engine cover set mounts over engine cases and protects the bikes most vulnerable parts in the event of a fall or crash. It’s made from 60% long glass fibered nylon. The product comes in four piece set which includes Alternator cover, Clutch cover, water pump cover and timing cover.

a. GB Racing Engine cover set for Z900

Current Price: Rs.28,000
Bike Compatibility: Z900 2020-21 models

So, here it is, a list of top accessories for Kawasaki Z900. For further assistance from our team, please drop a message in the comment section.


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