Once in a lifetime,everybody must have imagined going on a bike ride with their friends or significant others, may it be to the hills like Manali or someplace else beautiful, but unfortunately work commitments hindered your plans or plain old “Gharwale nahi manenge”. 

But that is the beauty of life you don’t know what the very next moment holds in itself for you, so the next time you and your gang make plans for a long weekend filled with bike riding adventures too far off lands, hold on to that thought and go ahead with it nonetheless even if everybody else backs out, maybe on one of those souls’ searching journeys, you never know! 

Keep reading further to make up your mind among these top 10 glorious bike ride adventures which one would you like to hop on – 

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The green lush treasure of South India, this long drive is covered with evergreen forests, tropical rainforest trees, and an open sky full of clouds.

This route connects a small town in Tamil Nadu known as Pollachi to another town in Kerala known as Chalakudy, and the best time to travel these routes is during the monsoon season when everything appears to be brighter and greener.

These areas are laden with many water reservoirs, dams, and waterfalls which makes for a picturesque destination for any biker. Green emerald forest on both sides with a long never-ending smooth road in the middle is not only a dream for bikers but photographers as well. 

And, if by chance you have a passion for both then you should take a trip down this green lane. 

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If the heat doesn’t bother you and you have a craving for the extreme in search of adrenaline then this is it for you, these roads of Rajasthan are rich in culture, probably have a thousand stories to tell, and people who are older than time. 

When you’ll travel across these torrid deserts, you’ll develop an understanding of what life is like without the modern amenities, and how it doesn’t end in our four-walled air-conditioned cabin. 

The roads can get bumpy from time to time, but the people and their royal culture of treating guests like gods will steal your heart, plus when you add that with the lip-smacking cuisines that Rajasthan has to offer, you’ll probably never leave.

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One of those routes which carry the epitome of natural beauty straight from the starting to the end, these routes are a dream for any adventure enthusiast with winding roads and slippery slopes. 

Also, the views of the mighty Kanchenjunga will keep you entertained throughout the journey; these east beauties have a hill culture of their own which you’ll find very amusing if you are not from the area. 

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From hustle bustle to peace, from the city of concrete to a place of solace, this route is truly contradictory in many ways, but still, it provides a sense of calm to people who take these biking trips as a weekend getaway to unwind. 

This route is another one of those rich greenery-laden ones which make the passionate bikers realize, there is so much more to life. 



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Take a trip from Chandigarh to the land of mountains of Spiti Valley and let it become a second home for you. It’s a beautiful place to visit especially on a biking trip, surrounded by barren mountains and a blanket of sparkling stars at night. 

If you are lucky enough you may even get to witness a rare sight of a clear milky way. Other than that check out the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Tabo standing there since 996 AD and the dreamlike Chandratal lake on the way to Manali.  


All the above-mentioned routes and destinations are so peaceful, serene, and calming, it is no surprise that passionate bikers find their solace here. Hence everybody should make these bike ride once in a while, to lose oneself and find your soul. 

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