Remember when you were a kid running around in the playground? I’ll bet that every time you fell, you hurt your hands and knees the most. Our instinctive reaction when experiencing a sensation of falling is to break the fall with our hands. Small wonder that wrist injuries are so common among riders. It’s sad to see so many riders in India riding without gloves. Remember – more Grand Prix racers have retired from wrist injuries than any other type of injury. Here’s the low down on how to pick up the right riding gloves online.

Know what you need:

Always buy double gauntlet style full leather gloves with a palm slider for street use. For race use, buy a top of the line race glove with a pre-curved fit, palm sliders, double stitching, a substantial knuckle guard and a finger bridge. For touring use, buy an all-season glove that is waterproof with a breathable membrane.

Compare the features of various gloves and look at close up images. Remember to never buy cheap fabric/mesh style gloves that will tear/melt when you hit the road. You don’t want to have a lifetime wrist injury just to save a few bucks. Cowhide and Kangaroo leather are the materials I recommend.

Know your size:

I find that a lot of riders are wearing the wrong size, typically too large. You need to know the circumference of your hand and the relative length of your fingers. Measure the circumference of your hand by running a tailor’s tape measure across the middle of your palm, right below the knuckles at the back of your hand. Measure both hands as your dominant hand will be larger.

Also make a note if you have long or short fingers. If you have short fingers with small bones, pick a size smaller than the manufacturers recommended size for your hand circumference. I have small bones and medium length fingers, so I’m a size extra small in American cut gloves and size small in Italian and Japanese cut gloves. This is despite the circumference of my hand being a size medium in most brands.

Break-in factor:

Leather gloves will break in and stretch to fit 10-15% larger over time. Always buy a pair of gloves that is the correct size. They should fit super tight at the start so that they will still remain tight after stretching under normal use.

Read owner reviews:

Check out the various owner reviews posted on the store before buying riding gloves online. They will give you an idea about how the gloves are holding up a few weeks down the line. The owners will highlight the pros and cons of the product which becomes valuable input for you when you are making a decision.

Talk to the store staff:

The store staff will be knowledgeable and can give you advice on sizing, the best match for your requirement and other input that ensures that you buy the right pair of gloves for you.

We hope this guide helps make your online buying experience easier. You can check out a variety of top shelf gloves from our store and pick out something that’s best for you. Feel free to chat with us or call us for any advice or help. Look out for more upcoming articles in this series.


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