Riders today have a lot of choices with respect to riding gear thanks to the boom in E-commerce. Brands from across the world are available at the click of a button. Until some time back motorcyclists had to travel to Metro cities to buy good quality gear as in smaller towns no proper stores are available. But the trend changed with the boom in E-commerce. They can now purchase their gear online without any extra trouble.

However, can you really buy with confidence online?
I will be demystifying online purchasing of riding gear in this series of articles aimed to help you understand the in’s and out’s of buying online.I’m putting this guide together because I have bought all my gear online with great success.

Here’s a quick word on how to pick a quality helmet online –

Buy from specialized store and not a generic E-commerce site:

Stores who specialize in motorcycle gear can give you relevant sizing advice and help you make an informed decision. Their staff will tend to be riders themselves and have the relevant experience to back up their advice

Look for the latest models:

Try to get your hands on the latest helmets in the market. They will have important updates on the shell, interior padding and venting that older helmets will not.

Know and understand your head size and shape:

Know your head size in centimeters and your head shape which can be round, oval, oblong and so on. Different brands make their helmets to fit various head shapes. Talk to the staff about your requirement and they can recommend few options that fit your size. You can always send a side and top profile of your head to help them understand your head shape.

Use the website to compare different makes and models:

The descriptions there will give you an idea of the features and benefits of the available helmets. Talk to the staff about the pros and cons of each and educate yourself before you make an informed choice. My personal suggestion is to always buy a full face helmet with an internal sun visor that you can use both in the city and the highway at all times. The sun visor will protect your eyes from the direct rays of the rising and setting sun. It will also help reduce the strain of riding in the midday sun.

Check out the reviews of the item you wish to purchase:

The great thing about online stores is that they have a facility to put up reviews and feedback. This is very valuable buying information for you when you are looking to pick up a helmet.

Make use of the loyalty points that online stores offer:

You will get a discount on your next purchase and also build a relationship with the staff that pays big dividends in the long run as you come back to purchase more gear. They will also give you a discount for referring your friends to buy at the store.

Take advantage of the return policies that online stores offer:

Most offline stores in India have a no return no exchange policy. Online stores on the other hand will do an exchange if you don’t damage the helmet and keep all the tags and packing intact.

We hope this guide helps make your online buying experience easier. You can check out our selection of helmets and pick out something nice for yourself. Feel free to chat with us or call us for any advice or help. Look out for more upcoming articles in this series.

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