How to Maintain Your Bike

It is said that once you park your bike and walk away, if you do not turn around and look and have the baby joy with a twinkle in your eye. You have bought the wrong bike. A lot of us want to see our bikes as pretty as they were on day one, rather most of us. Maybe they love to look at it , some for the resale value. Reasons can be different and much more. But the problem is unless you have the BAWA genes in you that can be quite a task. From rust to paint peeling off to paint fading and so on. There are a lot of factors to consider to avoid your dil ka tukda from de-beautifying. 

1. As far as possible avoid washing with hard water.

This is very very important. Washing the bike is necessary but making sure the right way is also equally important. A lot of societies in metropolitan cities used borewell or hard water for things like bathroom use and washing. Even cars and bikes. Problem is that this water contains a lot of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. These tend to react with the metal and the paint of the car or bike. If you whitish water drop marks on the paint surface that is your bike or car being washed with hard water.

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Washing with hard water should be avoided as far as possible but if unavoidable you have to make sure its done at the least and that the water is completely wiped off. Usually the roof of cars is the best example of what happens if water isn’t wiped off. 

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2. Applying PPF

Well PPF Stands for paint protection film. This works like the screen protector for your phone. Best part is you can just peel it off and apply a new one when needed and this really lasts for a long time. The better the quality of the film the longer it will last. 

Paint Protection film on bike
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Since this is a film when you peel it off your body beneath is almost brand new. This is one of the simplest ways to preserve your bike. 

3. Mud Off. 

If at all you are a rider who lives the rain rides. GUILTY!!!  You will know your bike is dirty as…………. All the dirt, mud list goes on and is stuck onto your bike, sometimes things from other vehicles. That which is left too long on your loved vehicle may start to affect the metal or the paint. 

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Especially places like wheels if you have too much chrome like on classics. Or the radiator. Radiator can also be clogged, due to this. Even areas like your bend pipes. List goes on. Make sure you clean this as soon as the ride is over or at least the next day. 

4. Facials

Just like you, your bike or car also needs a spa time. Bawas spend their Sunday doing this. That is why people normally look for a Bawa owned bike in the pre-owned market. Polishing and buffering on a regular basis would be really great if you want to keep your bike or car for a longer duration. This helps preserve paint. Remember to use good quality polish and materials. Like the use of bad cloth can lead to scratches. 

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5. Dhoop Se Bachao

Sooooo Yes, keeping the bike covered or in a shed is a good idea but there are a lot of pros and cons. It’s ideal to have a covered parking, to avoid rain and heat. Here in Weather change is more than ex’s mood swings. That says a lot. Too much heat can lead to paint fade ( PPF Lagao). Putting a bike cover is also good but getting one which does not have stitches protruding out, and is of a soft material. At the same time you make sure you are not in an area that is too humid as if you work let’s say on a ship and it’s covered for a long time moisture may gather inside and can lead to rust and fungus and list goes on. Also the worst case scenario is Rats finding a nice home in the cost enclosed space. I had a snake issue in my area. There reptiles and mammals avoid open spaces. So keeping the bike open is kind of safer. 

Rats Inside a bike
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So there you have it guys, 5 steps to preserve the beauty of your bike. If you have any query on how to maintain your bike, do comment and we would be happy to have so inputs from you for more points and also make a part 2 of the next top 5 points. Also check the type of products we have that can help you with taking care of your bike.

Cheers Ride Hard and Ride Safe.

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