Riding – Safest Way To Socialize

This may be a little controversial. But this can be my own thought or chemical locha in my head that is getting this out. I’m specifically talking about the time during the pandemic. 

Riders Brain
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But let’s just think about it. 

Five Points to Consider,

  1. Riders wear full gear so mostly fully covered. 
  2. While riding you are at a safe distance from one another. 
  3. You can still have your sweet chat and abuse one another ( Have a communication device eg:- Sena)
  4. On the bright side, people won’t ask you for your smokes (smoking is injurious to health). 
  5. Carrying some eatables from home saves money too?

Let’s pick on each Point


Since you are fully covered when you are fully geared up from head to toe. Few instances are, now when you meet and greet, a fist bump with gloves is far safer than a naked fist bump. There is literally no direct contact unless your gloves have holes in which case check out our riding gloves here.

Riding - Safest Way to Socialize
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In this scenario even a hand shake will do. To take things further. A balaclava can work like a mask. Can also save from balding, stinky helmets and may be, just may be even Covid. Also being fully geared up may make you look like an avenger. 

Full Riding Suit Avengers Style
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Unfortunately leathers in our weather may get you wet from sweat or rain.

Riding Body Suits
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2.While Riding

SOOOOOOOOOO while riding obviously you are alone on your bike and again obviously riding at a safe distance unless it’s a parade. 

Riding - Safest Way to Socialize
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The Social Distance is the key here for riding safe and for staying safe from an accident or Covid. This method goes hand in hand. This is social distancing with a lot of pleasure. Rider’s point of view. 

3.Chitter Chatter

Now you will argue how do you talk or do the usual bakaar. Well SENA or whichever communication device your group is using. Joke on one another, talk about the usual food and fun and frolic. Now you would understand the slight importance of coms. Also to tell you about the cop standing with a danda around the corner of the road. Soooooo yeah, safe as the distance can be kept without and distance in communication

Sena Intercom on Sena
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4.This could be a little controversial

Now I do not want to stereotype riders or rides, but this sometimes is the end point. Meet up for some gupshup and cutting and the sooooooots.  No, we are not promoting any kind of smoking ( Smoking is injurious to health, can cause cancer).  But if you do stop for your chai-sutta. One fake cough and you won’t have people asking for your beloved sutta. Nor would you be having “do dost ek cup mein chai piyenge”. Each gets his/hers own cutting chai. 

Rider Friends sharing tea
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You can have your “Joey doesn’t share food” moment here. 

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Joey teaches us that Sharing isn’t always caring way long before Covid could strike. 

5.Ghar Se Carry Karo

I just made this up as I ran out of points and wanted to have 5, but look on the bright side. Since you already are carrying home stock. You aren’t spending on buying anything outside. Thus keeping you safe , thus also saving you from spending. And considering fuel cost is quite high the most expensive place you visit won’t be a restaurant but the fuel station and every 100 RS you save, could be that 1 additional litre of fuel. 

Fuel Cost On Bikes
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With that I would like to conclude that ride hard, ride safe and cheers to rider life. Hope you like this and if you have more reason as to why riding is the safest way to socialize do put it in the comments we would love to add it and yes credit would be given.


Disclaimer: The views & opionions put forward in this blog are purely from a personal perspective & do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever.

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