Top Accessories for BMW S1000 RR

BMW S1000 RR, one of the most wanted motorcycles by riding enthusiasts all over India. A unique sound heard from a distance gives you goosebumps all over. This high-performance motorcycle dominates in terms of design & functionality.

Having said that, if you do own or planning to own this aggressive, heart thumping, drool over motorcycle – here are some of the must have accessories for protection & performance from among the best brands in the market.

Let’s start with protection, cause with speed comes responsibility.  (Ok maybe a Lil cliché)

  1. GB Racing Engine ProtectorLet’s start with engine protection, the heart of any motorcycle. Protect the most vulnerable areas of your bike in the event of a slide with the nylon GB Racing’s Engine Cover Set, which clamps over your engine cases swiftly. Alternator Cover, Clutch Cover, Water Pump Cover, and Timing Cover make up the four-piece set. A tough, high-impact composite material made from 60% long glass fibered nylon.With an eye for aesthetics and at a competitive price over the existing products in the market. Here’s a brand that is best suited for the S 1000 RR. Since its establishment in 2007, GB Racing has grown to become the industry pioneer in motorcycle protective goods, assisting race teams and road riders all over the world.

    GB Racing Engine Guards

    Current Price: Rs. 38,000
    Compatibility: 2019 – 22 Models

  2. R&G Radiator Guard

    Made from pressed aluminium and featuring a need & seamless pattern. They amp up the looks of your bike and provide a solid guard to trap any road debris or small objects. This particular brand in radiator guards features a corrosion resistant finish, can be mounted to OEM points with no modifications.

    R&G Radiator Guard for BMW S1000 RR

    Current Price: Rs. 8500
    Compatibility: 2019-22 Models

  3. R&G Oil Cooler Guard

    An oil cooler guard protects from stone & other debris that could clog inside your motorcycles cooling fins. It allows maximum airflow for maximum cooling performance. This is a lightweight aluminum mesh surrounded by a seamless frame, made from hard anodized for improved durability and corrosion resistance. The oil cooler guard is simple to mount utilizing OEM mounts without modifications. Available in – Black Titanium Dark Blue, Light Blue or Red.

    R&G Oil Cooler Guard For BMW S1000 RR

    Current Price: Rs. 5,500
    Compatibility: 2019-22 Models

  4. Puig Pro Frame Sliders

    A substantial 130mm x 58mm Nylon puck is included on Puig Pro Frame Sliders. No modifications to the bodywork are necessary because each puck is mounted using a billet aluminum bracket. The mounting bolt on each puck is concealed by an end cap bearing the “PRO Puig” logo.These frame sliders were created by Puig to safeguard both the motorcycle and the rider. To prevent knee and shin injuries from impact in the event of a mishap, every puck has a rubber bumper on the back facing pointed end. Being a very well know brand in the Indian market today, these pro frame sliders are a no brainer when it comes to your BMW S1000 RR.

    Puig Pro Frame Sliders for BMW S1000 RR

    Current Price: Rs. 14,000
    Compatibility:  2019-22 Models

  5. Evotech Front Fork Protector

    These protectors also known as Front Spindle Bobbins are specifically designed and produced for your BMW. To secure the bobbin in place there is a rolled-thread stainless steel spindle rod. Its simple to install & is reinforced on either side by a strong aluminium core. The nylon bobbin heads can also rotate on impact to lessen wear on the bobbin head and stress on the wheel.

    Evotech Front Fork Protectors for BMW S1000 RR
    Current Price: Rs. 5,500
    Compatibility:  2019+ Models

    6. CL Front Brake Pads

    Callipers start to close as soon as you press the brake pedal, pressing the rotors from both sides. The wheels spin more slowly as a result of the friction created by this movement, eventually coming to a complete stop. Brake Pads are the detachable surfaces that the callipers make contact with the rotors. These brake pads provide very good grip on track days and racing.

    CL Front Brake Pads for BMW S1000 RR

    Current Price: Rs. 4,200
    Compatibility: 2019+ Models

Next for that adrenaline rushing ride we’ve got accessories for performance. And if the BMW S1000 RR wasn’t already at the top of its game with its stock parts imagine the level of performance with these accessories.

Top Accessories for Performance

  1. ExhaustsThere are different brands that give you different performance levels and of course different sounds. It’s quite a personal preference, so here listed below are some of the exhausts you could look at in SC Project & Akrapovic. Available in Slip On & Full System.
  1. BMC Air Filter FM01064

    Increase the efficiency of the air entering your engine to increase the power it produces. BMC Air Filters will keep your bike breathing and operating at its best!

    BMC Air Filter for BMW S1000 RR
    Current Price: Rs. 8,499
    Compatibility: 2019-22 Models

  2. Puig Windscreens Windscreens are contributors of both protection & performance. Protection from windblast resulting in a better riding performance. There are different styles and colours available in Puig Windscreens. Again, a personal preference it terms of look.

    Puig Windscreens for BMW S1000 RR

    Puig Windscreens:
    Compatibility: 2019-2021 Models

So, there you have it, these are some of the top accessories you can look at for protection and performance. For any other enquiries or accessories do drop a message in the comments section below and our team will get in touch.

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