When it comes to owning a vehicle there are other aspects to keep in mind than just looks and in the big bike market most of the people know what they are buying and specially when it comes to pre-owned bikes, the next user has a checklist to make sure the motorcycle he\she is looking for ticks all the boxes. 

Here are 5 basic necessities to keep in mind to maintain your bike. 

  • Lubed Chain

I know, I know most of you will be like yeh baar baar yehi bolta hai. But gals and guys that is one of the 1st things someone notices. You may have the best of clothes but a well groomed hair style make a lot of difference. If you can do something as simple as keeping a chain lubed it says a lot. Leaves a good impression in the mind of the person coming to buy your vehicle. And a well lubed chain will last longer. Cutting down chain and sprocket replacement cost as they are not that cheap. Also it avoids that annoying noise grinding and squeaking noise. Listen to the sound of your engine guys or from the Sena, not the chain. 

Putoline lubed Chain
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  • Avoid Redlining. 

Now a lot of us will want to go fast, and going fast very quickly. But we can do this without over stressing the engine. Especially at events or shows where people are revving the lungs out of the engine. Unless you are on a race track trying to gain the max out of your bike, over revving or stressing the engine is doing no good to anyone. A stress free engine is going to last long. Very long. Maybe till it reaches its 4th-5th or 20th owner if maintained well. I’m at 38k kms and my engine feels new. not that I haven’t done decent triple digit speeds. If and when we meet on ride, shall share wink. This is one of the best examples I can give. 

Red lining
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  • Take The Bike to the official SVC. 

The initial years of owning your bike at least till it is in warranty take the bike to its official authorised SVC. The authorised service knows what they are doing. Well most of the time. And also they have and keep a track record of your bike in the system. So if at all something does go wrong it is easier to track down the root cause. At the same time. While selling your bike. A good service history can fetch you a good price as the person buying can be a relief that they have everything on record and are buying a well maintained bike. 

Steps to Becoming a Long Term Motorbike Owner
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  • Home Check-up. 

Basic check-ups can be done at home. And If you ask the place where your bike is getting serviced, I doubt they will deny to train or at least show to how to keep a check on your bike. As it cuts them the hassle too. I’m not saying DIY, unless you are on a tour and have no other option but, some basic check-ups can be done by you. Its helps for causing a chain reaction to parts getting spoilt. For example, learn to check the brake-pads. As if the pads are worn out they can then have screws that bite into the disc and we all know how expensive those are. Keeping a check on coolant level avoids engine from over heating and increases the longevity of your engine. 

brake pads used vs new
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  • Keep Riding. 

Whaaaaaaa ??? Kya???? Yes, keep riding. Like any product the less it is used the more chances of it getting spoilt. As when not used, parts can get stagnant or rusted or list goes on. Also when your ride your bike often. You know the wear and tear. You know what is wrong and fix it. Like any relationship spend time with the better half is good, as you need to know what is happening at the current situation. After two weeks if you meet her and ask her what is wrong it may take time to figure out and may be a mishap can take place. Short rides, sabji doodh lene ke liye, or a date( DONT DRINK and RIDE) Or going for a movie with your other better half. Or breakfast ride or a tour. Just head out. There cant be anything better than spending time with the one you love. 

Steps to Becoming a Long Term Motorbike Owner
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Sooooooooo I hope this is able to help you guys and if there are any queries do comment. Also do let us know what do you do. We has have a list only based on your feedback.


Till then Ride Hard Ride SAFE!!!

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