Valentino Rossi is a name every biking enthusiast is well acquainted with as he is one of the biggest if not “The Biggest” name in the biking industry with winning 9 Grand Prix World Championships, and competing in more than 400 races. 

So, if you are even remotely interested in the world of bike racing or have a passion for bikes it is next to impossible to not know about Valentino Rossi or more commonly known as VR46. 

But this year is finally going to witness the end of an era with Valentino retiring, which has pulled at the heartstrings of many fans. Valentino is a legend for bikers and people look up to him, he also has his biography published. 

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Valentino Rossi has performed in various famous races with different brands like, Honda, Ducati, Yamaha and Petronas with most of the world titles being with Honda and Yamaha. He has always been associated with the number 46, and like any successful racer had crashed as well, but the lust for speed always kept him going. 

People say that racing is in his blood, as he was born in a family of racers with his father himself being a great racer, which is what pushed him to start racing at a very early age of five. 

He is estimated to have a net worth of 200 million, which comes from different sources and is the result of his hard work and passion for bikes. He also has his own academy to train young racers, with a group of students from his school in Moto 2 ( Sky Racing Team VR46 ) as well. 

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Valentino Rossi is considered a legend because of the kind of talent he has, and the passion that runs through his veins is commendable and has been passed to him through generations. It is said that Rossi rode his very first bike at the age of five and hasn’t stopped since, also that he won his first ever race at a ripe age of 18, which is a record in itself. 

There are a lot of current gen racers who have looked up to him and even had childhood photos with him, that are now racing alongside him, while getting inspired with every race. It’s an honour for those young souls if they overtake and pass the master, and like a true teacher he congratulates them with all the love he can shower. 

When he was small initially his mother was strict against him riding as she was worried so they got him a kart, and at a very young age he started participating in local races. 

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But if you think that Valentino Rossi won every race he ever participated in, that would be wrong, he did participate in many but he wasn’t always in the first place, and to reach that spot, Rossi has practiced day and night. 

He may be the legend everyone calls him, but a guy never forgets his roots, and knowingly or unknowingly people develop quirks or starts believing in stuff which may seem nonsensical to others but to that person they work, same is with Valentino Rossi as he considers to bend and touch the right loop of his bike as lucky for him. Before any race, though he calls it a moment before a race where he has a conversation with his bike. 

So that is Valentino Rossi for us, a man, a legend, The Doctor and someone the industry will always remember even after he is long gone which speaks abundantly about the type of person he is.


To witness Rossi achieve his 10th title would be a dream come true for many fans but this long lasting career is it self a very happy ending. Cheers to the Doc in his future endeavors and may he continue to INSPIRE.

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