The DSG Race Pro Black Fluorescent Yellow Riding Jacket!!!! 

Well that is one long name. The only other long one was my junior college name. 

In the last few months I have tried a lot of jackets, some expensive, some really cheap, some low on cost and really good and some really expensive and absolutely bla. So the list goes on. One of the jackets that really got to me and it was too good to be true but was true. And also felt like MR Big B in. Guess guess!!! 

Dinchak jacket
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But then DSG sent us this and I was smitten. Again for the Price it’s brilliant. What are Indian brands doing. Jackets like this make me believe we are headed in the right direction and the improvement rate is rocketing up. 

Planet DSG were the guys to get the Busa to India yes Dhoom chi bike. 

john abraham on hayabusa
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These guys have also been getting good riding gear for us for a while now. And This jacket is a leap in terms of tech and quality. 

The DSG Race Pro 

DSG Race Pro Jacket Black Yellow Fluo Riding Jacket
DSG Race Pro Jacket Black Yellow Fluorescent Riding Jacket

Yes simple yet gorgeous and make you want to hit the track or hit a superhero pose or or or or or . 

Let’s have a closer look. 

So after wearing it for a short ride. This jacket is starting to woo me over. The fit is exactly how it would be like wearing a race suit. At least the top section. 

Let me start off with, “This Jacket” is proudly made in India. And DSG has left no stone unturned when it comes to quality and with Great Quality comes great comfort. Now DSG had MOTOGP in mind for riders who crave some speed. 

So on the inside , this is the 1st that touched your body. Is the inner liner which is a TAFFETA QUILTED water resistant liner that also keeps you warm on cold days and obviously keeps water away. Main thing is its sleeveless. Remember all the times the sleeves of liners get stuck in the jacket sleeves. And OMG the discomfort and struggle. Yes all gone when you wear this jacket, also considering the TAFFETA quilted material it is also very very very much non sticky. So the sweatoholics do need to worry. Also speaking of water proof, there is also a waterproof pocket on the inner side of the material. 

Starting with up the collar is of neoprene , which is a soft edge neoprene so no more neck rashes. Accordion panel on the shoulder and back. Stretch panels at the waist to the dad bod guys no need to worry again and even more stretch panels in the chest and back. To comfort zindabad. 

Like how you have pre curved fingers for gloves this jacket has pre curved arms. Race race race. 

Race 3
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So just like the collar, even the cuff has neoprene material. 

Now most or all the zips are the standard YKK zips for flawless zipping and unzipping. So getting stuck isn’t an option. There is also a complete 360 degree zipper for connecting the riding pants. Now unlike most jackets that have the zipper only at the rear and most of the time you need someone sniffing from the back to help you connect, this makes life a whole lot easier. 

The main reason why we have riding jackets, The Protection. The elbow and shoulder is following the new norms which are more stringent and are CE level 2. The back protector is also CE level 2. Now this is taking into account impact with varying temperatures and comfort. “YAY”! The sliders at the elbow and shoulder are DSG patented. 

And how can we forget reflectors when it comes to safety. To give a more sophisticated look the reflectors are infused to the gear rather than stitched. So you know that’s attention to detail. DSG logo is a reflector itself on the arm, shoulder and back. So much so even a reflective race track on the arm. 

Now two things make this jacket special. Yes its design is the shape and fit of a race suit, but like a race suit also has a hump in the upper back section adding more protection to the rear. And the highlight is that this Jacket is airbag ready. Hence it has stretch panels in case you want to take safety to a pro max level. To be precise there is an additional 4 cm of space, this is around the circumference of the body.  

Do check out the DSG Race Pro Riding jacket here

As usual. Ride Hard Ride Safe.

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