When you are planning for a long trip to ride across Leh and Ladakh or across the north east to visit the seven sisters, it is important that you gear up with all the essential riding gears and accessories to keep you safe and help you at the time of emergencies. It is almost uncertain to know what part of your body can be injured at the time of an accident, hence it becomes inevitable to gear up with all the required riding gears. In order to truly to realize the bliss of undergoing such a trip, you need to be ready with the most unpredictable incidents like harsh climatic conditions, puncture on the tire, tough terrain regions etc.

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We have made a list of the important things to equip yourself with for a long trip.


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The fact that you need a helmet for your riding endeavors cannot be stressed enough. Especially for a long trip you need to make sure that you have a very comfortable type of helmet. It could be a full face, modular, open face or a dual sport helmet. Make sure to choose your helmet from great brands like AGV, HJC, Bell, LS2 etc. These helmets are either ECE, DOT or SNELL certified that ensures the best protection at all times. Since you will be wearing the helmet for a long period of time, it is advisable to use a balaclava to avoid damage to your hair. To have great visibility throughout, keep a visor cleaner solution as a backup. You can refer to the List of the best helmets to make an informed decision.

Riding Jacket

Riding Jacket is an important aspect of this list. It protects your upper body, specifically your chest, back, shoulders and elbows. A great bike jacket can go a long way and will provide you a comfortable ride under harsh conditions. A waterproof riding jacket will act like an overcoat and keeps you dry during the time of rain. Some of them even come with thermal liners that help to retain heat under cold conditions. Most jackets are equipped with shoulder and elbow protectors that avoid injury at the time of impact. In order to add extra insurance, you can use chest and back protectors to the jacket. You can get the best riding jacket for long touring purposes from top brands like Alpinestars, BBG, Rynox, Furygan, DSG, Mototorque etc. You can refer to the List of the best riding jacket in order to make an informed decision.

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Riding Pants

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When you are planning to go out for a ride for days together, riding pants plays an important role. Regular denim jeans is not a feasible solution for long rides and will not protect you from injuries. Just like jackets, riding pants are also equipped with protectors at the most vulnerable regions like knees and hip. Some of these pants have detachable thermal liners that can be used cold climatic condition. They also come with special waterproof features that keep you dry and comfortable during rainy seasons. You can find the best riding pants with superior fit from Alpinestars, Rynox, BBG, DSG, Furygan, XDI etc.

Riding Gloves

Hands are extremely fragile and at the time of impact the palm, fingers and knuckle are the most vulnerable parts that get severely injured. This is why you need riding gloves for a long journey since they cover the complete hand. Bike gloves have both palm sliders and knuckle protectors to offer optimum protection. A good riding glove is strong and made of abrasion resistant materials for a sturdy grip. Some of them have waterproof features that help you during wet climatic conditions. These gloves come in either textile or leather and half gauntlet or full gauntlet. Some of the gloves also come with touch compatibility which will help you use your smart phones for GPS purposes. You can find great and trustworthy riding gloves from top brands like Alpineastars, Rynox, Furygan, BBG, DSG etc. You can refer to the List of the best riding gloves in order to make an informed decision.

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Riding Boots

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Wearing your normal shoes or sneakers for a long bike ride is not feasible and you will be playing a very risky game by leaving your ankles and feet unprotected. This is why riding boots needs to be an essential part of your long rides. They provide great protection to your ankles, feet and toes at the time of impact and also keep you away from dirt and debris. A sturdy riding boot will help you maintain your bike balance for a long period of time thereby improving your efficiency. They also provide appropriate ankle support that prevents your feet from twisting. You can get great riding boots from Alpinestars, BBG, Forma, Falco etc.

Riding Bags

When you are off for a long road trip to a far off place, you need to pack your luggage in a riding bag. Based on your comfort, usability and need for capacity you can use a saddle bag, tail bag, tank bag or side bags. It is always advisable to pack light. Make sure you get yourself a waterproof and sturdy riding bag that has great endurance against harsh conditions or a bag cover would also do the trick. Equip yourself with a hydration pack which is important because you need stay hydrated for a long trip to prevent yourself from wearing out. You can get the best quality riding bags from Rynox, BBG, Viaterra, Dirtsack, Enduristan, Nelson Rigg, Mototech etc.

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Bluetooth System

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In order to enhance your driving experience, accessorize your helmet with a Bluetooth communication system. A Bluetooth integrated helmet has it’s own advantages. You will experience a more enjoyable ride without the need to stop and with an entertainment system you will get an immersive riding experience. You can get reliable Bluetooth communication systems from top brands like SENA, Interphone, Scala Rider etc.

Most importantly it is very important to always feel motivated. The ride that you have decided to undergo can be tiring and time consuming but you need to push yourselves to reach your destination. It is important that you experience the journey rather than the destination because that is the essence of riding.

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